European investors and employers are always seeking innovative projects and talented specialists
Laun now!
European investors and employers are always seeking innovative projects and talented specialists
Laun now!
400+ clients
relocated to Europe with our help
You want to launch your business project in Europe and obtain a residence permit in Europe for all your team
Residence permit for entrepreneurs
You want to invest in profitable assets and obtain a residence permit in Europe for all your family
  • for the entire family
  • no requirement to stay in Europe
  • you do not become a tax resident
Residence permit for investors
You are an Entrepreneur
We'll find the best Residence Permit in Europe to match your goals
You are an Investor
  • you can relocate the entire team
  • access to investments
  • tax benefits

How can I get residence permit in Europe fast?
Residence permit in France
via StartUp Visa Program

Expert interviews and success stories to let you know how Relocode company helps to launch and develop projects in Europe, enter top accelerators, find partners, and attract investors
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We make it simple, fast and effective!
Networking and growing
+70 accelerators
+1000 pool investors
Saving time
2-3 months – and you have the documents
Choosing the right market
+10 EU countries and Great Britain
Our clients
speak about us better than we do
Hello Move
"Mikhail Mizhinsky helped me collect the documents for a start-up visa. As a result, I got a residence permit in Spain very quickly, for which I am very grateful to Relocode."
"We came to open a business in Spain! Many thanks to the Relocode team for helping us realize our plans"


"We thank Relocode, in particular Mikhail, for helping us quickly get a start-up visa to Spain for our project"
Vr Tour Valencia

"Thanks to Mikhail and his team for helping us at every stage, from the formation of an idea to the execution of documents for our team"


"Guys, thank you very much, you helped us a lot, issued a start-up visa. Helped with business planning, with the approval of our project in Spain"

"I recommend the team and the company. They became our back office in France. Helped with visas for the whole team. FAST. That was the key message."

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Arseni Khodzin
I leave my review about working with Relokod. The guys helped to open a startup visa to Spain. Worked accurately, responsive, no complaints.
Roman Side Timeus
We received a residence permit when quarantine was introduced. In such a difficult time for working with official bodies, Relocode and I managed to turn a tourist visa into a residence permit ...

Viktoria Vent
I recommend the Relocode team! They became the tank office in France. They helped with visas for our entire team!
Maria Timofeeva
Thanks to Mikhail, we moved to Spain on a start-up visa, and then changed it to a residence permit. So my rating is 5.

Karen Bashiyants
The guys helped to get a residence permit for 4 years (France). We have already moved and are waiting for carte de sejour. With relokodom also in touch. We are pleased with the result.

Olga YouTube
I have been cooperating with the Relocode team for several months, helping to develop the YouTube channel. The guys are professional and know their stuff.

Alex Fiberline
Well, if you start, then it was with this company that I realized that it was possible to move to Europe without much straining.
I recommend the Relocode command! They became the main office in France.We helped with visas for our entire team !
The guys helped to quickly get a residence permit in France for our entire team. Helped to attract investments in our start-up! 5 points
I want to express my gratitude to Relocode: they helped with visas for the whole family and attracted new investors to my business!
Evgenii Iliushin
Thanks to Relocode, my family and I moved to Spain in February 2021 on a start-up visa.

Helped to get a residence permit in Spain. Everything is very fast and coordinated. Advised on all matters. We recommend!
Viktor IT
I have long wanted to move to live in Europe. And the Relocode team helped me with this. We made a startup visa, everything is very fast and reliable!
Mike 55
I really enjoyed working with the Relocode team. The guys are real pros. We quickly received a residence permit and moved the whole team!
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