Without an employment verification and opening of a company
With turnkey support services after successful relocation
Get a UK residence permit for Digital Talents in 3 months*
The timing of the actual receipt of a residence permit will depend on your situation, the site shows the minimum time for obtaining it

Our clients are employed by these companies:
Two countries — higher chances
During this time we have studied and tested all available routes and immigration programs and relocated more than 500 it specialists
Over 7 years in relocation services
Our work is always result based and we strive to insure success for our clients, so in case of refusal we submit you to another country/for another immigration program for free.
We undertake more than 95% of the work on obtaining a residence permit from a package of documents to accompany after successful relocation.
We offer a turnkey services after relocation
What is Global Talent?
Global Talent Visa provides an opportunity to get a residence permit for 3 or 5 years for digital talents
The period of obtaining a visa: 3 months
How do I understand that a visa is suitable for me?
You need to meet just ONE point to qualify for a Global Talent Visa
You work in the field of digital technologies
You have experience of speaking in public space (conferences, interviews, articles)
You published scientific research
You are working on innovative projects
You are working on projects that have had commercial success
What does Relocode do?
We prepare for you a complete package of documents for applying for a visa
We submit an application for you and for all family members who are traveling with you
We accompany and advise on all issues on the way to obtaining a visa
Soft landing - support in the process of relocation and adaptation
Success Stories
In an expert interview, you will learn how Relocode assists in the launch and development of projects in Europe, how to apply to top accelerators, find partners and attract investments.

Our specialists carefully review the case you have prepared, leave comments on improvements, correct mistakes

Help you complete and apply your submission for endorsement
Our specialists help you with the collection of documents

Answer all your questions, advise you on your application

Help you complete and apply your submission for endorsement
Our specialists prepare and submit your application, your participation is minimal

Apply submission of your documents and documents of family members to the Home Office
The cost of our services
Plan 1
Plan 2
Plan 3
Payment procedure
prepayment upon signing the contract
upon preparation of the package of documents
upon approval of the project
Do you have any questions left?
Our specialist will answer all of them in a free consultation.
Our Team
Mikhail Mezhinsky
15+ Years of experience in Strategic Consulting (Roland Berger, Molton) and Invest management ( Credit Suisse, World Bank)
Serial Entrepreneur ( Edvisor, Relocode)
Holder of french, spanish and portugal startup-visa
Konstantin Seylanov
8+ Years of experience in IT consulting (Skolkovo, PwC, Innopolis, DWConsulting)
Founder of Edtech startup (10K MAU, $2M valuation)
Holder of french startup-visa
Ksenia Maksimenko
Head of Relocation service (France)
15+Years in media and TV journalism (DTV, REN TV)
Managed a portfolio of projects (Business France - Invest in France)
Helped 40+ client to relocate in another country as a immigration consultant
Alexey Kaltushkin
Head of Relocation service (Spain, Portugal)
9+ Years of experience as an entrepreneur in the aerospace ( EU and the U.S. markets)
Qualified IT-engineer, innovator, inventor of devices
Holder of portugal and spanish startup-visa
Elizaveta Sharova
Head of Relocation service (UK, Canada)
Deyan Edigarov
2+ Years of experience of working with Global Talents
4+ Years of experience of working in the education and translation fields
Holder of french startup-visa
5+ Years of experience in the field of valuation and launching of innovation solutions ( Gazprom, ImpactFuture)
His work experience includes analysis of startups and complex technology projects, as well as structuring deals worth more than $10 million while working in venture capital funds and large IT companies.

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